Using streams in multi process environment

Today is the last instal­l­ment about PHP stre­ams. This time we will borrow some images from GitHub octo­dex using remote stre­ams and stream copy­ing. To add some spice, we’re going to use PHP in paral­lel proces­sing. If you thought PHP is single process srcrip­ting langu­age, I will ruin your world, sorry ;-)

Of course in real world projects there is always a trade off between time and reso­ur­ces. Forking process is CPU expen­sive work for server. We’re assu­ming we have plenty of CPU cycles and RAM, but short on time. Take a look on code below:

It took 5 secs to fetch 127 images. The same thing run in single fore­ach loop takes about 2 minutes…

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